Marga Ortigas



Marga Ortigas travelled the globe for 25 years as a broadcast journalist, getting to know people and telling their stories. Across war zones and disaster areas, and from political crises to humanitarian ones — she learned to get to the heart of a story
to tell the story with heart.

Today she podcasts, writes, and coaches others how to best tell their stories with personalized communications training.


Pollution and The Next Generation: The High Cost of Progress


Besieged, and Flooded


Zika and the Abortion Debate

Get to the heart of the story… to tell the story with heart.

Northern Mariana Islands

Voices from the Northern Mariana Islands

Residents of Northern Mariana Islands, “America’s best kept secret”, recount their woes far from the world’s attention. Saipan, Northern Mariana ...
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‘Everyone Calls Me Mama’

Chinese woman raises dozens of abandoned children with various disabilities, challenging country’s one-child policy. It was hard to miss her, ...
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